IN 2018, RPCVHI had much to be happy about.

1. Aloha Grant Opportunities and Aloha Care Packages

RPCVHI continued to support currently serving PCVs from the State of Hawaii by offering Aloha Care Packages and/or Aloha Grant opportunities. 


In February, 2018,  Kamaka Dias, PCV in Madagascar, received $1000 for his computer project.  Kamaka visited RPCVHI members in Dec. 2018 to thank  all RPCV members for their grant and their continued support of his projects..  He is currently extending for a 3rd year in Madagascar.


In December, 2018, Andrew Gellen, PCV in Jamaica, received an Aloha Care package filled with requested items to support his environmental projects in rural Jamaica.


2. Volunteer Opportunities

RPCVHI members  support the Department of Land and Natural Resources efforts to clean the Kawainui Marsh and the Hamakua Marsh on O'ahu's Windward side by removing invasive species and planting native plants. 


RPCVs support the statewide outreach of Hawai'i Public Radio by answering phones during the semi-annual pledge drives.


RPCVs join other organizations for Earth Day Beach clean-ups. 


RPCVHI members have engaged in community events such as the Martin Luther King Parade in Honolulu in 2018 (photos below) and 2019. 


3.  Big Island RPCVs and JFK Memorial Plaque

Bill Sakovich and Big Island refurbishment of the John F. Kennedy Memorial plaque now located at the UHHilo campus.

4.  Career Fairs

RPCVHI members collaborate with the PC recruiter at UH-Manoa to help with Career Fairs.  RPCVs shared  Peace Corps experiences at St. Andrews Priory and UH – Hilo.

5. Socializing 

RPCVS have many opportunities for socializing and networking in 2018: Trivia Night, monthly Pau Hanas and the annual picnic at Magic Island.

6.  RPCVHI Board Meetings

The RPCVHI Board of Directors, elected at the Annual General Meeting, met 10 times in 2018.  The RPCVHI Board focused on projects listed below:

         Advocacy projects:  Postcards sent to HI Legislators in Washington DC, and Other Legislators             

Aloha Grants and or Aloha Care Packages: Find PCVs from Hawaii and where they are serving, contact them about ways RPCVHI can help 

        Annual Events: Annual Meeting, Annual Picnic, Annual Oktoberfest fundraiser             

Community projects and connections with Rotary: Research potential projects for Rotary/RPCV connections,

Job fairs, Peace Day Fairs, MLK events

        Communications to members: Website, Facebook, Emails, Snail mails


7.     Membership

Our membership directory maintains RPCV contacts across the islands.   Current membership as of Feb. 22, 2019


M’ship Category




Family Members




Friend of RPCVHI




Individual RPCVHI Member




Recently Returned PCV









8.     Finances:  Dues and Fundraising

Annual Dues are $20 for local RPCVHI dues. 

NPCA membership is free. 

Member Benefits:  Annual Picnic is free to members, $5 for guests; annual fundraiser has reduced fees for members, higher fees for guests.  Dues, Guest Fees, fundraisers (events, T-shirt and Calendar sales), and donations are our sources of revenue to cover administrative  expenses and our Aloha Grants fund.


9.  Plans for 2019

a.       New payment processing system

RPCVHI now accepts credit cards for purchase and dues and donations.   The invoicing system from our Membership service should now reflect accepting CC payments.


b.      Volunteer opportunities

March 8, 2019             International Night at UH-Manoa.  

April 8, 2019                HPR Phone bank evening from 6 to 8

April 13, 2019              Ka Iwi Coastline clean up 

April 27, 2019             Moanalua High School Language event

PAAC Classroom speaker requests


c.    Events

March 2, 2019   PcC Trivia Night

1st Fridays  Pau Hanas on Town side

Random Fridays  Pau Hanas on Windward Side

Oktoberfest         Annual fundraiser for Aloha Grants/care packages on a Saturday in October

January 2020      Martin Luther King Parade in Honolulu

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