President's Message

Mahalo to Board Members

The RPCVHI Board works as a team.  Mahalo to Alan, Connie, Whitney, Hali, Kirsten, Ronne, Rachel, and Mari for taking time away from work and family to keep the RPCVHI organization in line with mission statement and organizational goals.

Annual Board Retreat in 2018: 

Elected members chose Board positions that are of interest (per by-laws):

Caroline Mackenzie, President and Membership

Whitney Anderson, Vice-President

Connie Brunn,  Contributing Director

Alan Kusunoki, Contributing Director

Hali Robinett, Advocacy Chair

Kirsten Moy, Treasurer

Mari Yogi, Secretary

Ronne Partoriza, PC Campus Recruiter

Rachel Savereux, Webmaster

Objectives/Goals for 2018

Improve communications to members

KISS (Keep it Simple) principle, fewer activities, improve attendance

Improve advocacy

Increase amount for Aloha Grants 

Aloha Care packages:  find out where PCVs from HI are, how to contact

Communication to Members

Monthly Communications from the President.  – I try to communicate at least once a month via email to all our RPCV contacts in our database.  Information about our local activities or forwarded information from NPCA are the main topics.   Also, we have sent “snail mail” flyers regarding the annual picnic and the Oktoberfest events.  By sending “snail mail”, we have a chance to update our database with current addresses.

Activities and Attendance

In an effort to improve attendance at events, the Board decided to keep the Pau Hanas at the same location: Islands Restaurant at Ala Moana Center.  

In 2018 our annual meeting coincided with Peace Corp week.  We had a record attendance.

We are added one additional Pau Hana on the Windward Side of Oahu.  

Our Earth Day activity  in 2018: the Ka Iwi coastline area sponsored by Rep. Gene Ward (RPCVHI member).

Thanks to Rosemary Casey, we continue our participation with HPR for fundraising campaigns. The phone bank is also good for RPCVHI as many RPCVs will call into the station, pledge to the station and ALSO ask about RPCVHI and where to find us!

We continue to support Kawainui/Hamakua Marsh activities planting native plants, removing invasive species and learning about native flora and fauna. 

Our Annual Picnic and annual Fundraiser, Oktoberfest are our main sources of revenue for the Aloha Grants fund.

MLK Walk Honolulu. RPCVHI will participate again in 2019 with a bit more organization for the parade  and for a get together after the parade.

Oktoberfest.  Beer and Brats are good for business and for fundraising.  Our 2018 Oktoberfest is planned for Saturday, October 13.


Our newest Board member, Hali Robinett, has asked to serve in the Advocacy capacity and has been working with NPCA.  Hali has also been working with RPCVs on the other islands.

Aloha Care and Aloha Grant

The Board agreed to increase the amount for an Aloha Grant to “up to $1000”.  By increasing the amount, we hope that more PCVs will apply.

In January 2018, we sent $1000 was sent to PCV Kamaka Dias (from the Big Island) who is serving in Madagascar.  


We continue with the RPCV Calendars sold via the RPCV group in Madison, Wisconsin.  We have a core group RPCVs who purchase these calendars.

The 2018 t-shirt campaign begins at the Annual Picnic, this year on Sept. 9, 2018.

Suggestions for 2018/2019 Board

Members are always welcome to participate in Board meetings and to share suggestions to help our organization stay strong.   


Finally, Mahalo to every RPCVHI member on all the Islands for keeping our organization alive and well.  Mahalo for participating in events, for contributing time and talent and energy in our activities.


Caroline L. Mackenzie

RPCVHI President 2016-2020

RPCV Ukraine, 2010-2012                                                                                                                                                                

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