v        RPCVHI launched the Aloha Grant program through the Peace Corps Partnership Program in 2008 to provide funding for community-initiated projects overseen by Peace Corps Volunteers serving around the world.

v        Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) who have served more than three (3) months are eligible to apply.  Preference is given to PCVs currently serving from the State of Hawaii.  Aloha Grant amounts range from $250 to $1000 (maximum).

v        In 2016, the RPCVHI Board added the Aloha Care Package program in addition to the Aloha Grants program. 

v        Since 2008, over $4000 in Aloha Grants have been awarded to PCVs from the state of Hawaii serving in Cambodia, Morocco, Niger, Guyana, Mali, Peru, Mongolia, St. Lucia, Senegal and most recently, in Madagascar.

v        Since 2016, Care packages of school supplies, educational materials, and Hawaiian products have been sent to Cambodia, Ukraine, Madagascar, Philippines, Rwanda, and Senegal. Madagascar. 

v        Funds that support the Aloha Grant and Aloha Care programs come from two sources:  RPCVHI membership dues and RPCVHI fundraisers. 

v        MAHALO to all RPCVs in the State of Hawaii who support activities to make the Aloha Grant and Aloha Care Package program so successful.

v        If you're interested in applying for an Aloha Grant, you may find moreinformation in the attached file.

           Aloha Grant information 2018 MS Word.docx

v        Other Opportunities to support Peace Corps Volunteers worldwide is through the Peace Corps Partnership program.  For more information on Peace Corps Small Grants Program, please visit

For more information on RPCVHI Aloha Grant, please contact  us at

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